Taxi Cab Misconceptions

It’s killing me how so many of you talk about taxi drivers getting to pick and choose rides, decide areas they refuse to serve, and a host of other misconceptions. As a former cabbie and dispatcher, I’ll attempt to clarify a couple items. One, we rent the car from the company owner who owns the badge or license. The rent can be as low as half of all fares. Two, we don’t decide to just not go somewhere. Failure to serve an area is grounds for deactivation. Many cities will fine us for refusing to serve the ‘hood’. Three, we don’t choose our hours. We work hour and day groupings as available for bid from the owner. Typically these are 12 hour shifts that contain one prime time or more. Four, we can’t just keep refusing to take rides. The TOS is specific that we take 9 of 10 assignments. Five, the dispatcher can stack rides on us. Six, we haven’t used two-way radios in a decade. We have our own apps, customer side and server side (Curb). Seven, ‘better shifts’ like bar crawl cost us more per shift than ‘day shifts’.
Just sayin’


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