Uber – What is surge?

OPINION: In an area where potential users have the app open and, presumably, are looking for a price/ride, the number of potential users to nearby drivers is analyzed and a surge multiplier is applied to attract drivers. Unfortunately, this can result in silly surge map coloration like a 1.2 surge in the middle of a lake. How does this happen? A boater or picnicker may have opened the app to demonstrate to a friend or has asked for a ride and been ignored – resulting in the Uber server-side algorithm coloring the map.
This is why it’s foolish to drive toward temporary surges. You’re better off going to the center of the most common surge area when you start your day and working hard at making money for every yard traveled.

Uber info: https://help.uber.com/h/e9375d5e-917b-4bc5-8142-23b89a440eec

During times of high demand for rides, fares may increase to make sure those who need a ride can get one. For riders, surge helps ensure that pickup is available quickly and reliably. For driver-partners, surge means higher fares and a steady stream of ride requests. When you’re online, your app displays areas with high demand for rides in shades of red. The deeper the shade of red, the greater that area’s demand.


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